IRUTTU owns a newfangled horror premise with realistic concept


Horror films and its sub-categorized genres have become an integral part of Friday releases. As they run into monstrous figures, the audiences have indeed received them well.

But at the same time, they’ve desired to explore something unique and exceptional in the same zone.

Filmmaker Dhorai VZ assures that ‘IRUTTU’ will definitely offer them a different experience. “Iruttu owns a newfangled horror premise with realistic concept, which will be debated and discussed by audiences,” says Dhorai VZ.

So how did the origin of ‘IRUTTU’ from script papers to celluloid happen?

Director Dhorai VZ says,

“When the project involving my directorial with Sundar C in lead role was confirmed, the first thing he asked me was to work on a horror script. To make an open confession, I am so scared to watch a horror film and hadn’t watched till this moment the project was zeroed in.

In fact, under such a condition, I had to break myself into relentless viewing of horror flicks in different languages and regions. It was then we just got an idea, if I could attempt something new in the same zone or horror.

Thereupon, I happened to come across a concept that had several advocacies for and against such belief in real life. It was far-more scarier than a ghost or Devil and this instantly propelled me to carry this into the scripting process.” Having said this, Dhorai VZ adds that the intention of this film is simple, which is to amuse audiences with chills and thrills along with some discussions to take back home.

While sharing the experience of working with Sundar C and others in the team, Dhorai conveys, “Sundar C has been so much supportive throughout the shoot.

In fact, when I narrated him the script, he just gave a positive feedback saying the film will definitely work out. He will be seen playing the role of a cop while Sakshi Parvinder as his wife.

Dhansika will be seen in a completely different role from her erstwhile movies and her characterization is so much substantial. Yogi Babu and VTV Ganesh sir aren’t simply included for hilarious episodes, but they do have a significant role to perform.”

While major portions of the film have been already completed shot in Ooty, the team is busy now shooting the episodes involving Dhansika in Surat. After this, the entire crew will move down to Ooty for the final schedule which together summed up has just 15% shoot pending.

The technical team of Iruttu comprises of Girishh Gopalakrishnan (Music), E. Krishnasamy (Cinematography), R Sudharsan (Editing), Indra Soundarajan (Dialogues), AK Muthu (Art), Sarathy (Stills), PK Virumandi (Designs) and APV Maran (Executive Producer).

IRUTTU is produced by Screen Scene Media Entertainment Pvt Ltd.