Red Carpets Spreading Out For The Season’s Dangerous-Yet-Enchanting Baddie Rk Suresh


“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.”

Maybe these words are quoted by the world’s most deadly yet admirable baddie – The Joker, but there remains to be a blunt reality that fervently instigates everyone.

Much evidently it goes much illustrious with producer RK Suresh of Studio 9 Productions. ‘Passion for Good Cinema’ became his dream and he endeavoured successfully churning out best films and releasing top-notch films from other regional languages as well.

Who would’ve imagined?

One day, he would show up on big screens leaving not just his onscreen characters fearsome, but audiences as well as hazardous baddie.

Launched by the most scintillating filmmaker of all times, Bala through ‘Thaara Thappattai’, Suresh witnessed red carpets spreading out everywhere with huge acclaims, appreciating his expressive performance.

The Midas-touch of Bala has always been a boon to many actors and RK Suresh has become the most high on demand baddie in K-Town now.

His overpowering performance as the gruesome-laden baddie in Vishal-Sri Divya starrer ‘Marudhu’ has been garnering him with relentless praises.

Over the years, Tamil Cinema has been witnessing the presence of certain actors like Nambiar, Raghuvaran, Prakash Raj et al, whose screen presence itself would add up the sparkling charms. Definitely, RK Suresh possesses such inheritance that would surely get him to over the top performances in times to come.

Huge relief  say plenty of film makers on the arrival of R K Suresh as the villain after being tired of north indian baddies who leave a lot to be desired  when it comes to understand the language in which they perform.

” Iam cautious in spite of being succesful. This did not happen in a single day . Enormous pains and hard work has  been the fertiliser to my status of today.

I will be a director’s actor .

I am thank ful to Bala sir for providing me the break through ” summed up R K Suresh with hope and confidence.