Paandiyoda Galatta Thaangala

Paandiyoda Galatta Thaangala Stills 003

A mansion house is built with numerous box rooms; that is where the three Musketeers (Friends) live.

But due to their poor financial status, they decide to play hide and seek with the landlord in paying their rental debts.

Frustrated landlord orders his mansion watchman to take in charge for collecting the rental debts from the three young men.

To escape from the arrogance and violence of the watchman, they plan to play a skit with him.

Accordingly, the three friends mesmerizes the watchman for a cocktail party and the party goes well until the drunken watchman slips from the top floor and dies instantly.

The spirit of the dead watchman haunts the men and what happens after that is ‘Paandiyoda Galatta Thaangala’

This Horror comedy film is produced by ‘Vikoshiya Media Pvt.Ltd’ and directed by ST Guna Segaran.

The film stars Nithin Sathya and Raksha Raj in lead roles whereas Singampuli, Yogibabu, Mayilsamy, Iman Annachi, Manobala play supporting roles. Suresh’s cinematography and Sugumar’s music promises to add more thrill to the film.