Vivek hosted a ‘Green Kalam Peace Rally’

Kalam Green Peace Rally hosted by Padmshree Vivek(29)

In remembrance of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Vivek hosted a ‘Green Kalam Peace Rally’ yesterday 24th of July 2016 by 7.30 AM at Kannagi Statue, Marina Beach.

Sanjay Arora, IPS, ADGP participated in this rally as a chief guest and inaugurated the event by marching the flag.

Several thousands of students from various colleges were participated in this rally.

The rally was started by 7.30 AM from Kannagi Statue & reached Queen Mary’s College around 8.30 AM.

More than 7000 students from 40 colleges were participated in this event.

While addressing the Students gathered in an Open Auditorium Vivek said that “We are not insisting to planting tress just because of Global Warming.

Hinduism, Christianity and Islam religions were insisted the necessity of Tree saplings.

Especially in Hinduism Atrium and Pupil trees are worshiped as Lord Ganesh while Neem Trees are worshiped as Goddesses.

Only by planting trees we can be able to overcome global warming.

Even if each individual plant & protect a single tree it will save globe, water which will benefit several generations. Dr. Kalam was given me a target of 1 Crore tree saplings to me.

So far I have done with 27,35,000 trees. Only on completing the target set by him, I will realize that as a complete tribute to him”.

After his speech he has presented a plants to all the people participants. Director of Education Sekar, Queen Marys College Pricipal Raja Sulochana, National Cadet Corps coordinator  Baskar, Vantha Bavan Ravi, Artist AP Sreethar and Tejaswani Vivek were graced this occasion as a Guest.